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Fresh Pastures CIC takes a fresh and innovative approach to providing milk to schools. We believe in the school milk scheme because it is such a valuable part of school life.

Providing children with milk at school has been proven to improve concentration in class. We recognise the value of the opportunity to educate young people on healthy living, good dietary planning, environmental issues, social inclusion, and equal opportunity disability awareness.

"Providing healthier futures"

  • We are not just providing a 'a carton of milk'... we are providing healthier futures for the children we serve.

  • We are a socially responsible firm and we take our responsibilities very seriously... but we also believe in fun! We want to engage our young audience in a way they can understand and enjoy. That's why we built this website.

We hope you enjoy visiting it (as well as our Visitor Centre) and that it brings a smile to your face.